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Thinking differently about Tourism

Gina Palandini discusses how tourism businesses need to keep up with the fast pace of our changing world and it’s impact on the tourism industry.

How the Internet Influences the Luxury Traveller

Activities & travel for luxury travellers

Gina Paladini provides an excellent analysis of how the luxury traveller behaves online and offline to research and book their travels.

Tripadvisors’ New Development

Tripadvisor Listing

Gina Paladinii discusses the new Tripadvisor Connect function allowing listings to have links to their own booking engine rather than just to OTAs.

Does New Zealand need another “Qualmark”?

Tourism Rating Systems

Ten years on since Qualmark launched, we learn that a new rating system is to be launched in New Zealand. Gina Paladini asks some relevant questions on what this means for tourism businesses and travellers.

5 Things to know about the Chinese Market for the Small to Medium size tourism business

Marketing to Chinese travellers

For the last two years, Tourism New Zealand has been leading the parade celebrating the emerging markets for tourism businesses. Of these new markets, the spotlight is brightly shining on the Chinese traveller.

Five ways the little men with hairy feet can bring you bookings


Gina Paladini offers ways for tourism businesses to capitalise on the upcoming “The Hobbit” movie as a way to boost tourism to New Zealand

Monday Blog Blues

Monday Blog Blues

Gina Paladini laments the phenomenon she calls “Blog Paralysis” for all those budding bloggers out there…

If you’ve got it, flaunt it…on your home page

Flaunt It!

Gina Paladini suggests 4 Key aspects to have on your website home page that will provide an emotive and compelling introduction to visitors to help convert them into bookings.

Stop thinking about yourself

Stop Thinking of Yourself

When marketing a tourism product you need to stop thinking like you and start thinking like your customers.