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New Zealand tourism industryWelcome to the Tourism Industry Blog, a community of tourism industry contributors who write articles to benefit all tourism industry organisations, businesses and operators throughout New Zealand.

We are excited to offer a unique and dedicated website for tourism professionals in all sectors to share and comment on articles by our contributors.  If you’d like to become a contributor please contact us.  You can find out more on our About page.  Let’s get blogging!

2 thoughts on “Business Articles for New Zealand Tourism Industry

  1. Great idea guys, I give unreserved support for tourism, good communication between different nations, different cultures, art … all the best. Also to mention that one of the most beautiful countries on the planet is New Zealand, although I still have not been, as an alternative tour guide I have read a lot and I am as interested in my next trip.

  2. It is a great way of knowing about tourism in NZ using the web. It is reachable by so many people around the globe. I would love to visit this place in the future. Thanks.

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