How to Get Through the Low Season

Low SeasonMany businesses in tourism work night and day through the peak seasons to ensure the cash flow earned can keep them operating during the quieter shoulder and low seasons.  This is inevitable for most in the New Zealand tourism industry which has distinct seasons, however there are some proven strategies to help combat seasonality issues.

Here are a few of the more tried and true:

  • Develop your products to suit the domestic leisure and business travellers that will travel year round
  • Offer conference and team building activities and facilities that have higher demand in the low season
  • Promote and support local events
  • Develop packages for special interests relevant to your location e.g. golf weekends, dinner/show combinations, food & wine getaways
  • Cater for and target the growing retired baby boomer market
  • Target your regular customers, make the most of your database with targeted email marketing campaigns

Have you any other ideas or tips that have worked for your business or organisation?  If so, please comment to add to this list.

One thought on “How to Get Through the Low Season

  1. I think you’ve just got to include Australia here. They are effectively an extension of our domestic market, a very large one! Approach them in a similar fashion as you would domestic, direct marketing, web, publicity and advertising.

    Bear in mind they will require more information on your region, need more than a weekend to visit you, and you’re competing in a bigger pond.

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