There is currently an excellent programme for Maori Tourism Mentoring near completion which is funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Managed by Tautoko Enterprise Support.

The programme has been operating since August 2009 and will be completed by March 2010.  Nearly 50 Maori Tourism operators have been benefiting from comprehensive business development mentoring from a range of assessors and mentors in business development, marketing, qualmark, Maori Tourism and online marketing.  You can find out more about the programme on the Tautoko website.  It is hoped that the programme will be repeated again with a new group of businesses for start in 2010.

4 thoughts on “Maori Tourism Mentoring

  1. this is an awsome opportunity 4 maori and new zealanders. i am proud to call myself a maori

  2. We all agree that it would be kinda cool to have more successful tourism businesses offering a unique Maori experience.

    However, we are interested in what real outcomes will stem from funneling public money into a race-based mentoring and education provider? If this concept was privately funded and could generate sufficient demand, the outcomes would be vastly superior.

    Corporate welfare and a glorified six-month polytec course will do little to assist the long term viability of niche tourism businesses.

    The tourism industry is a hardnosed business that involves self-motivation, a lot of work and risking your own capital.

    We suspect that the “nearly 50 Maori Tourism operators” would be better to consult with their bank manager, accountant and interact with existing tourism groups if they are to be successful by adding net value to the tourism industry.

    1. As a mentor for this programme I can assure you this is not “a glorified six-month polytec course”, the mentors and assessors are high quality 🙂 and provide one on one help that will no doubt provide many positive outcomes for the improvement and quality of the businesses involved.
      Although the programme is publicly funded I would expect this investment to be returned to the government in the form of additional ongoing tax revenues and for the economy additional employment opportunities.
      Further, this programme is not “race-based” in the sense that only Maori business owners are eligible, any tourism business that has a Maori cultural focus to their core tourism products/services would be considered.

    2. We are fortunate in NZ to have a system where all citizens have the opportunity to put in place governments that are then empowered to make public policy which provide for the betterment of country. We are even more fortunate that we have the opportunity to change our minds every 3 years.
      What I am personally enthusiastic about is the fact that these Maori tourism businesses have managed to do what many of our SMEs fail to do. They are smart enough to recognise that they don’t have all the answers to become high-performing businesses and that you can operate much more efficiently and effectively by working with very experienced tourism mentors. I am familiar with a number of the businesses participating in mentoring programme – they are already contributing very positively to the industry. It is a credit to them that they want to help take NZ tourism to the next level.

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