Target Market DiversificationMost tourism businesses will be equally reliant upon both domestic and international visitors for their survival.  International visitors deliver a greater daily spend, and have a much better potential for growth. On the other hand domestic visitors are the bread and butter of NZ tourism, delivering much needed visitors not only during the summer season but also during the ‘leaner’ shoulder and low seasons.

Over 17 or so years in regional tourism I have seen markets come and go – and come back again.

  • Markets such as Japan, and Korea for example have waxed and waned.
  • As we have discovered over the last decade world events can occur without warning impacting severely on individual markets.
  • The high value NZ dollar and proliferation of cheap flights for many years enticed New Zealanders to head overseas for their holidays in unprecedented numbers.
  • More recently New Zealanders have been hit hard by the recession, choosing to holiday in Gods Own

The lesson here is that we must continue to look for new markets and new opportunities. The markets that support your business today may be gone tomorrow, and in these leaner times the businesses that survive are those that have their eggs in many baskets.

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