Marketing Images for TourismThe old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ is very true when it comes to tourism. It never ceases to amaze me how some businesses make enormous efforts to promote themselves online, advertising in guide books, engaging in PR activities and such like, and yet when it comes to the pictures they use to promote themselves, all too often it’s a case of anything will do.

Well guess what – it won’t do! Your imagery is a marketing tool, it needs to sell the sizzle so that the person viewing it can imagine themselves there, actually experiencing this wonderful product for themselves.

So take the time and remember that the photographs you use to promote your business can be just as important as the information you provide to go with it.

Some recommendations:

  • Invest in a selection of really good images that reflect your activity, accommodation or service at its very best.  For print material you will need high resolution images and may need to consider engaging a professional photographer
  • Before you engage a photographer do some research and decide on the style you like. You can gain some excellent ideas simply by studying the plethora of magazine style publications which is available now days.
  • Look to add new images from time to time. For online publication you use lower resolution pics so keep a good digital camera close by and look for opportunities that really capture the moment.  But only do this if you have a good ‘eye’!

Finally you should look upon an investment in good photography just as you would any other marketing expense, so be sure to budget and plan for this.

2 thoughts on “Imagery – the WOW factor

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