Quality PillowsFor me one of the measures of a good hotel, motel, B & B or any accommodation provider is the quality of their pillows.

Too often on my travels I wished I had bought my own pillow with me.  There is nothing worse than hoping into bed after a day of exploring, putting your head on your pillow only to find a flat, hard brick like thing probably at least 10years old,  and you spend what seems to be half the night trying to get comfortable and half the next day trying to get rid of the crick in your neck.  Pillows need to be replaced very regularly, twice a year is good if the room is almost fully booked year round.  And they need to be double slipped.  Hygiene is good!

The hotels I loved the most were the ones with the great pillows.  Lets face it, the main reason you book a hotel is that it provides you (you hope) with a lovely comfy, snugglie bed to sleep in so pillows are really really important.  Some hotels and B & B’s even give you a choice of pillow type…super hard, super soft, medium, down filled, cotton filled, synthetic  the list can be endless…   Accommodation Providers don’t have to go to that extreme but there is no excuse for not having good quality pillows on the beds.

Nice to have well rested happy travellers at the check out desk in the morning.

One thought on “Pillow Talk

  1. I absolutely love this article. Having traveled a lot on business over the years I really struggle with hotel pillows. Yes it looks great on a bed to have large plump pillows but people of small stature like myself dont cope so well with big fat pillows. I have finally learned as soon as I arrive to phone reception and to ASK for a feather pillow. Most hotels now days are able to assist.

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