Making the most of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand is no doubt a key strategy for tourism organisations throughout New Zealand.

Immersing yourself in social media marketing activity surrounding the rugby world cup could be one way to connect to travellers coming to New Zealand for the rugby to give your business or destination exposure to all rugby supporters worldwide.  Having a strategy and a presence on social media for Rugby World Cup content needs to start now.

The official NZ Rugby World Cup has it’s own website, plus social media sites include Facebook, YouTube Channel and Twitter.   Your tourism business or organisation can be active on these Facebook and Twitter sites, monitoring the comments and questions, using these pages to be part of the conversation for the tourism experiences you can offer and attracting relevant traffic to your own website or social media pages.

One example is Rugby World Cup on Twitter (@rugbyworldcup) uses twitter stream hashtags like “#rugby” on twitter their comments.  You can use the same #rugby in Twitter tweets to appear on this stream of updates.  Different updates may include special rugby packages and special offers for Twitter users.

Also see this other blog post Does Your Tourism Website Work on a Mobile Device? and how they can be used for targeting RWC FIT Travellers.

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