Travel Agents: Short Term Gain vs Long Term Reputation

Travel AgentReading this article “What travel agents don’t want you to know” is an interesting insight (to say the least!) from Kate Schneider into the travel agency practices of our Australian colleagues. I am sure there are good and bad business examples in any industry however this did make me stop and I wonder how many of their customers are repeat purchasers.

Perhaps the market size of Australia in comparison to New Zealand allows some re-sellers the opportunity to develop this sort of business approach. I guess the smaller market size and transparent nature of NZ ensures that most re-sellers and tourism providers themselves are keen to pursue every possible sales opportunity from every possible market segment – a balanced multi-channel distribution strategy that includes sales from wholesale, retail, direct, and indirect distributors appeals to the entire market with consumers decisions based on price, choice, convenience, service, and perhaps most importantly ‘reputation’.

3 thoughts on “Travel Agents: Short Term Gain vs Long Term Reputation

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  2. There has been a lot of discussion about the article “What travel agents don’t want you to know” and some suggestion that the article was manufactured as a media stunt to promote online bookings rather than using than travel agents…interesting stuff.

  3. I doubt that article is geniune and thought the very same thing that it was manufactured. If the truth be known all the power/money lies with the airlines and large online companies – basically they can say anything they like and the consumers believe it because “it’s online” Those guys that “feature” in the article wouldn’t last a NY minute in any reputable retail travel environment anywhere on this planet. If a glimmer of it was true the boys would’ve/should’ve been sacked yonks ago. Nearly all the agents/brokers I know in NZ and Aussie work V hard for every cent they make in an industry where service, intregrity and reputation is paramount. Just look at the Icelandic volcanoe fiasco to see who came up trumps when helping the disrupted travelers – it certainly wasn’t airline/online res call centres believe me. You couldn’t get through to them….

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