TwitterHaving been actively using Twitter for my business the last 6 months or so, I have observed that the Tourism Industry in New Zealand is very active with Tweeting and it’s gaining momentum all the time.  Key tourism twitter accounts such as @grabaseat, @flyairnz and @purenewzealand are amongst the most popular in New Zealand in terms of the number of followers.  So bravo for being a proactive industry with social media marketing!

For those of you not yet using Twitter here are some reasons why you should consider starting:

  • It’s FREE.
  • Once you’ve established a good network of followers it’s a very easy way to share information and communicate online.
  • You can use it to help build awareness of your business and drive traffic to your website without being a salesperson, it’s more about relationships than sales but the end result is positive online presence.
  • It’s a perfect tool for “viral marketing” where the people you connect with can help you to spread the word with very little effort.
  • You can use Twitter Lists to group followers into different categories for viewing their updates e.g. customers/travellers, tourism industry, media etc.
  • There are ways to automate feeding your Twitter updates into your website and other social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn.

So if you think it may be time to jump into Twitter then have a look at this article I wrote about Getting Started on Twitter for Business.  I encourage you to come and try it out for yourself.  You can also look at this Interview with Tim Cossar on TV’s ASB Business about the “Tourism Sector Looks to Social Networking.”

For those of you already using Twitter let us know how it’s working for you – got any tips, successes or failures to share?

One thought on “Tourism on Twitter

  1. We’ve been ‘tweeting’ since we launched eyeballnz last September. We’re finding its helping drive traffic to our website and we’ve successfully connected with potential advertisers for our site. Its certainly helping us build awareness for the site in overseas markets.
    One tip for newcomers – try and keep an even balance of numbers between your followers and people you follow – if you get up to following 2000, you cannot follow any more people until your followers number has caught up to within 10% – this is designed to stop spammers, but is a little frustrating as you have to ‘unfollow’ to be able to follow more!! Happy travel tweets!

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