Future of Travel Industry: Google Travel and Tourism Conference

This video of keynote speaker and “Futurist” Dr Patrick Dixon is an informative presentation that is packed full of good advice regarding the future of the tourism industry and how tourism needs to react and change to meet the needs of travellers.  In some aspects the presentation is UK/Europe focused but the trends ahead and concepts identified apply globally.

There are some good observations on the importance of online traveller reviews, and the issues related to sustainability.  My favourite quote from the presentation is probably this one:

“This is the future of the travel industry….it’s connecting with the passions people have and delivering what they need”.

Is this a new concept?  I don’t think so, but identifying the passions, and having the flexibility to change your business to deliver it are the challenge.  At 34 mins in length make sure you have some uninterrupted time to view and take it in.

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