Hotel Reception: A Fun Place to Be? Maybe Not

Hotel Reception Customer ServicePut a People Person on your front desk..train your front office people so they understand that each person through the front door is the most important person in the room – train your staff to smile when they answer a phone, smile when someone walks in the door – train your staff to listen!  Make sure that your front office staff have been on FOC trips in the area and  know bus timetables, restaurants etc .

From a travellers point of view, the smile or lack of from the Front Desk can either make or break a stay in a hotel, resort or motel.

Too often in New Zealand it seems as if the Front Office staff feel that those travellers either checking in or checking out of their hotel/resort are really quite a nuisance and if it wasn’t for the inconvenience of people wanting to stay in the hotel, annoying them asking silly questions about activities in the town , asking for directions etc, the front office job would be very pleasant.

Interestingly it seems to me that the higher price the establishment, the colder the reception.  Probably the best city in New Zealand for Customer Service in Hotels would be Christchurch…. Having stayed in many hotels in that city, I have always found friendly helpful welcomes both when on business or personal travel. Why is that!  The North Island is often a different thing altogether…why?

The hospitality industry in New Zealand needs to take a leaf out of Hawaii’s book…. that state knows how to treat travellers making them feel very special and that they are the only guest in the hotel.  In fact throughout the USA one cannot fault customer service (sometimes its even a little over the top but rather that than none at all)

Tourism is too important to New Zealand to be blighted by offhand and unfriendly service.

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