New Zealand iPhone Travel AppsThere is currently not a huge selection of travel related iPhone apps in New Zealand, is the industry just slow to appreciate (and allocate funding) to this new medium for promoting tourism?  Or maybe internet access in NZ is just not good enough and too expensive to use while mobile to encourage widespread development of iPhone Apps here? In any case, I’m sure this list will grow overtime as tourism organisations recognise the benefits of providing mobile applications for use on the popular Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  The additional worldwide exposure these apps can provide destinations and tourism operators amongst the massive iPhone market should be considered sooner rather than later.

Here is a selection of some useful New Zealand travel iPhone apps currently available from iTunes.

Air New Zealand mPass iPhone AppAir New Zealand mPass

This is a handy wee simple app that shows all the details of your current bookings on Air New Zealand and allows you to self check-in with a bar code scan image.  You can login with your Airpoints account so it will automatically update flights for you or you can add bookings yourself.  There are also links to view arrivals/departures, flight timetables, grabaseat and Blackboard deals.

New Zealand Spot-On iPhone AppNew Zealand.Spot-On

Also by Air New Zealand, this is quite a comprehensive travel planning tool for New Zealand, including booking flights, viewing activities by region and activity type, and handy tools like maps, i-SITE locations, BBH Hostel locations, distance calculator and Wifi finder.  It also includes social networking sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

AucklandNZ iPhone AppAucklandNZ

The first iPhone app by a New Zealand Regional Tourism Organisation.  It focuses on things to do in Auckland for visitors with the ability to tell you what is near your current location and maps to show you how to get there.  Fairly simple in content with links to relevant websites for more detailed information.

Welly Walks iPhone AppWelly Walks

Only recently launched by Positively Wellington, as the name suggests, this app provides detailed information and maps for 7 walks around central Wellington.  There is also a variety of information about city services with links to websites (and their mobile versions).     

Snow Reports iPhone appNew Zealand Snow Reports

A great app for those keen to hit the slopes in New Zealand and want easy access to up to date snow and weather conditions including what chair lifts are open and how much snow there is.  It provides reports for a good range of ski areas with links through to the mobile version of the Snow Reports website for full details. 

Find! NZ iPhone appFind! NZ

Based on the database of information from the Zenbu website, this is a comprehensive directory with maps of New Zealand accommodation, amenities, dining, leisure, travel and retail services.  The content for each listing is limited to the contact details and location (with google maps) so to find out more you still have to visit the website of the business or phone them, but its a good resource to find some options.

Cheap Seats iPhone appCheap Seats

An app that finds the latest air fare deals using twitter feeds from airlines that have a presence on twitter (mainly Air New Zealand).  It’s simple and easy to use, and if you find a fare you want to book it links to the airline booking page on their website.

Apex Car Rentals iPhone AppApex Car Rentals

A nice and easy to use app for finding and booking a rental car with Apex in New Zealand.  You can enter your pick up and drop off locations and dates and it will give you the car options available and allow you to book it.

Looking this list there is a good opportunity for someone to develop a dedicated New Zealand accommodation iPhone app, preferably allowing people to view details, photos and videos and then book it.  I wonder who will get to that first….

Know of any other New Zealand travel related apps that you use or have developed to add to this list?  Add a comment to let us know.

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  1. Great roundup of iPhone applications that are available. Developing iPhone applications for a small market such as New Zealand can be tricky as the investment in developing an app can get expensive. In saying that however there are a lot of different options for people to go mobile either by getting their content included in aggregated apps or by using some of the cheaper app builder style services.

    My Tours

    1. Hi There,

      Not so much a NZ only app, but an app developed in NZ 😉

      I travel around the World at least once month from Wellington, New Zealand and am constantly prone to delayed or cancelled flights and my business contacts and family are constantly trying to understand when I am landing so that they can reach me.

      I have therefore created an iPhone application that gives live departures and arrivals information for any flights at any given airport around the World. You can find an overview of the application at .

      There is also a draw to win an ipad everytime a milestone of 10,000 download is reached on the AppStore, more information can be found on:



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  5. Here is an interesting article on the Stuff website about Guide Books versus iPhone apps.

  6. Travel apps don’t offer travelers a huge amount of assistance/value unless they are connected on a local 3g network.

    Unfortunately roaming charges by the telco’s make such functionality extremely expensive for the end user.

    Here is an article you might find interesting about travel apps being used on smartphones.

  7. Its been interesting watching the growth in usage of our mbile site ( over the year or so since we launched it. We had a big start but then it went flat; however since about September numbers of users have grown significantly and its great to see the repeat visits growing as people literally wander around the city

  8. It is also important to note that the iPhone is far from the only important Smartphone with tourists. Right now many more would have Nokias followed by BlackBerry’s. iPhone might be 2nd equal or 3rd, and then also growing fast is Android. From the US there is also Palm’s/HP’s webOS and goodness knows what from Japan.

    So really any decent mobile application for travel has to be multi-platform.


  9. We plan our New Zealand trip next month. Thank you for sharing the current iPhone apps.

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  11. For anyone traveling or living in Nz there is a new app for finding places to Eat, drink or listen. Its called “Your Venue”

    Check it out it has venues all over Nz registered and a great app for finding a drink or band.

    1. I’d also like to mention a handy app for around NZ. It’s called “ThisCity” and it’s available on the iTunes store. While it’s similar to FindNZ!, it also has the added benefit of allowing businesses to run special offers.

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