Auckland Super City LogoHow important is Auckland City to New Zealand Tourism? Very. How important is the Super City logo to New Zealand tourism?  Not much really.  So why all the fuss about the new ( old ) Pohutakawa in a circle that was chosen by six notable judges on April 23.

Because this new logo is a tangible  example of how disconnected the new administration is from its future audience. The business of positioning a city like Auckland in the minds of tourists that have many competing choices is not straight forward. It requires integrated marketing involving the best research, writing, design, advertising and public relations skills available.

The Super City may yet evolve a brilliant and complete brand (more than just a logo) that is developed specifically to communicate to rate payers and tourists what is different and wonderful about Auckland. Which means the current Pohutakawa in a circle will be relegated to an occasional outing in public like administrative letterheads and the odd business card.

That would be good. Because the brightest and best in this great city deserves better than the hideous visual cliche that was unveiled and supported by our cultural and political leaders last Friday.

14 thoughts on “New Auckland Super City Logo

  1. I absolutely agree. The logo is very uninspiring. Auckland is a city that is centered around water activity and play. Does the term “city of sails” mean nothing? Whilst the Pohutukawa is a NZ icon, it is not something that I (or those around me) associate wholly with Auckland. I am amazed and somewhat alarmed that whoever came up with this particular logo has not thought this through. Has there been any consultation with Aucklanders and the tourism industry as a whole including tourists themselves? Very disappointing.

  2. Just a tad boring. Reminds me of an old ladies embroidery – it might look nice on a napkin.

  3. To me this looks like a logo for a park.

    I presume it’s supposed to communicate our unique appeal to tourists and/or those that may wish to invest or live here sometime in the future?

    The “supercity” changes should present the opportunity to relaunch ourselves as a vibrant gateway city, an aspirational little city looking to sustainable growth. Its failing to be that and so is this logo.

  4. Hmmm I agree. I actually like the design, but on a t-towel not as a representation of Auckland as a super city.

    No offence to the designer, but to me even the colours are wrong. It seems to me that whilst living in Auckland, they (the Transition Agency) haven’t absorbed their environment at all. This certainly does not scream out Auckland but could in fact be any coastal city in NZ or Ireland or Wales for that matter.

    I think they need to go back to the drawing board and have a good ole brain storm. The poor old Pohutukawa I think, has had its day.

    Be interesting to see how its developed though.

  5. It looks like a face. But seriously it is too busy, and doesn’t say anything about Auckland or the multicultural society that Auckland is. Any chance this will get re-designed or are Aucklanders stuck with this now?

  6. Maybe they’re taking the ‘super’ thing too far… they’re using the logo like Clark Kent uses glasses to appear ‘normal’ and predictable when he’s not off being Superman.

  7. Ah, it IS a parks logo already! (well almost the same)

    1. That is amusing, the more we see and hear the more apparent how little time they have spent researching and considering this design…

    2. haha that’s great, I’m looking forward to seeing some interviews about the public reaction to this new logo. Nice one Simon!

  8. The design was part of a competition. Winner received $10,000. Yes before you ask there was more than one entry!. Apparently even had a celebrity panel. I think it was a ploy to get the public involved and more behing the Super city idea. I can see this getting ditched in 5 years and the super city council spending hundreds of thousands on rebranding.
    Article on the comp

  9. Looks like it fell off a girl guide uniform!

  10. I agree entirely with Grant Alexander. This a total BRANDING issue and Auckland needs to grow up. For inspiration one only needs to look across the Tasman at the recent ‘Sydnicity’ campaign that promotes Sydney as ‘tenacity, simplicity,…………and Sydnicity’. It is the whole package not just a Girl Guide badge.

  11. ..just another tacky ‘kiwism’ logo..! NZ is blighted all over with absolute kitsch, unimaginative branding/logos of landscape and cultural icons, plants and animals and/or over rated ‘celebs’ – surely no money changed hands here..? Move on you lot, you live in 2010 not 1910…hmmmm, that’s debatable, but seriously there are some great designers out there – FIND THEM QUICKLY BEFORE ANOTHER TRASHY LOGO ENTERS YOUR LIVES..Cheers, GJH

  12. The new Auckland ‘Super’ City Council comes into effect today and we now have a logo representing us that is far from super. I’ve waited to voice my opinion out of blind hope that they would see the error of their ways and get a logo designed that is professional and reflects the city we live in.

    The result wasn’t difficult to predict as there was not a single branding, logo or graphic design expert on the judging panel. The judges should have gracefully declined the opportunity – couldn’t they see they lacked the qualifications for the job.

    The winner Jim Dean can’t be blamed for his bad logo design. He’s not an experienced logo designer and wouldn’t know that a logo has to be an appropriate reflection of the organisation it represents. I do like the icon that he produced (the circular one, not the one with the waves) but it doesn’t represent New Zealand’s most vibrant urban area and economic powerhouse.

    The fact the public and media have been quiet on the matter is interesting after the uproar we had when the former Auckland City Council replaced their outdated logo for something more modern and professional a couple of years ago. I can only assume that because this new logo is free we have to accept what we’re give, after all you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – even if it’s an ass and what you need is a stallion.

    For Auckland business I hope the council show more insight and judgement running our city than they have with organising the logo that will represent us.

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