Facebook Pages as a Marketing ToolIn the US Facebook recently overtook Google for popularity based on weekly traffic (for a week in March) accounting for 7.07% of US Website Traffic for that week – this is an incredible achievement given Google’s dominance on so many levels.  With over 400 million registered users for Facebook worldwide it has become a social media website that is difficult to ignore and as a business you should be considering using it as a way to communicate and share content with your target market.

Not only that, the applications and tools available on Facebook pages are a great fit for tourism businesses that can sell your features based on interactive and user content such as photos, videos and reviews.  The personality that you can show about your brand and your people can come through strongly and add to your online brand profile.

Facebook Pages

  • This is the key way for a brand or business to represent themselves on Facebook, and can generally be set up in less than 30 minutes, create a page here.  Note: All Facebook Pages have to be set up by someone with a personal profile.
  • It can be viewed without being a Facebook user so you can have a link directly to your page from your website but only Facebook users can follow your page as “fans”
  • There are a multitude of free applications that you can add to your Facebook page that can enhance it’s functions, see this article on Mashable.com “5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page
  • Your updates will appear on the personal walls of your fans to draw their attention to the activity on your page
  • You can send your fans messages, so it’s essentially another form of database marketing and incredibly powerful because all fans voluntarily opt in to receive your content
  • While it all sounds easy, creating and maintaining your content plus attracting user content from your fans requires a time investment and a strategy to keep it growing effectively combining it with your other marketing media
  • Always keep in mind that the is aim to use tools like Facebook to drive traffic to your website and increase your marketing database of targeted customers

Establish Your Fan Base

Building your Fan base is always the first challenge for a new Facebook page, so here are some ideas to help get it going:

  • Create some interesting content on your Page first so that when you start promoting it will attract fans
  • Promote your Page with in a prominent place on your website
  • If you have a marketing database then use email marketing to promote your Facebook page, similarly if you already have a following on other social media sites like Twitter then you can promote your page to them
  • Use the Facebook Ads to promote your page – costs are based on pay per click and you can select the demographics and location of people you want to target
  • Develop some fun and interactive viral marketing initiatives that can be featured on your page, competitions and incentives are a great way to attract visits

Popular Tourism Facebook Pages

If you have some doubts over the benefits of building a busy Facebook Fan Page have a look at the number of fans generated on some the following popular tourism pages – marketing gold!

Australia – 384,220 Fans

100% Pure New Zealand – 118,800 Fans

Air New Zealand – 18,844 fans

WellingtonNZ – 13,846 fans

Have you got any more examples of popular tourism Facebook pages or useful apps to use on your page? What has worked for you to build your fan base?  

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