Webb Ellis CupThe countdown is now on, less that 500 days until the Rugby World Cup is on in New Zealand.

Our Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO’s) seem to be getting into gear with workshops, websites and planning for their regions.

With ticket packs now available to apply for, individual tourism operators should be starting their planning on how to benefit from the expected influx of visitors to New Zealand throughout Sep/Oct 2011 (if you are not already a supplier for an Official Travel Agent).

Key Areas to consider now:

  • The starting point has to be understanding the legal aspects of what you can and can’t promote in regard to the RWC brand and events.  For full details go the this link to download a useful guide in relation the RWC2011 Major Events Management Act Guidelines.
  • Get in touch with your RTO to find out about events and marketing opportunities relevant to your region that your business may benefit from or be involved with.  Some RTO’s have held workshops (Auckland for example) and Northland have developed a website just for the RWC so this is a good resource for businesses to understand the opportunities available.
  • Consider your own pricing levels and packaging opportunities for the RWC period.  We’ve been seeing a lot in the media about over the top hotel pricing being applied, so be realistic about what you can charge based on your location to any of the key matches, team training areas and so on.  Generally it’s recommended you apply your high season pricing during this period and for accommodation minimum stay requirements may help to achieve high occupancy rates.  Operators located in close proximity to major games should achieve pricing that the market is prepared to pay for such a high profile event – which is likely to be well beyond high season prices.

Any other tips out there for tourism operators to maximise the opportunity?

RTO’s and local government will now be considering the impacts of visitors arriving in large numbers and planning towards ensuring a positive impression and everything runs smoothly – a number of events and festivals are being created to entertain and encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more, so bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for RWC2011

  1. The issue is a challenging one particlarly for small accommodation operators who are not part of the official accommodation bank.

    My advice is – don’t put off things like attending to your website, SEO and SEM – especially if you are an accommodation operator. The time to do this is right now (NOT next year)! With tickets on sale decisions about where to stay are already being made, so make sure you don’t miss the boat.

    Before you set any requirements or restrictions such as minimum nights stay take into account the likely flow of visitors around the country during and between games.

    For all tourism businesses agree with Michelle, talk to your RTO and understand what opportunities they are presenting. RTO & TNZ websites are the only ones to be connected directly through the official RWC website, so ensure that your business is listed with these organisations.

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