Tips on User Interface Design for Your Website

User interface designA user interface is where the interaction between humans and machines occurs. For a successful interaction, you need to strike a balance between aesthetics, technology, information and user experience.

The idea is to structure the information and design simple, visually attractive websites, that are easy to navigate and give the user a satisfying experience.

Structuring information (also referred to as information architecture) so a user can find the information they need and make informed decisions about whether to buy, book or join are some of the fundamentals considerations when organising content.

The combination of typefaces, colour and page layout through the use of images, and white space, needs to be well thought out to create a readable appealing page.

Special care must be taken when formatting type to makes it easy to read or scan, so that the viewer can absorb the information on the page. The size of the type for headings, sub-headings and paragraphs along with the spacing between lines and headings is crucial for readability.

Proper use of professionally created imagery can engage your viewer and create an emotive response to your business. This connection with you means they are more likely to choose your business over someone else.

There a multitude of websites out there now with business adopting the internet with a vengeance. It still remains the best, most cost effective form of communicating to your viewers and creating revenue today. To have a properly designed professional website is crucial. In the words of Paul Rand:

“Design is simple that’s why its so complicated!”

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