New Zealand Vintage advertisingJust for fun, lets look back on some of the original advertising that encouraged world travellers to visit the far off shores of New Zealand.

Comparing it to today, we’ve evolved from a scenic and exotic south pacific location to a destination in our own right with a clear difference from our neighbouring countries.  We now offer things to do – not just scenery and sheep!

All images have been sourced from Vintage Ad Browser. Let us know what you think and if you’ve got any vintage ads from your archives to share!

BCPA Fast Service Vintage Ad
29 hours and a FREE sleeper service, times have changed!
Air NZ End of the World
Air NZ is still known for it’s “Edgy” advertising
The Bay of Islands Vintage Ad
We still have BIG fish!

Vintage Cruise ad New Zealand

Air NZ South Pacific Ad

Looking for yourself in New Zealand
I hope they found themselves, or some “comforts of the flesh” – really!
Vintage NZ Sheep ad
hmmmm, not sure Sheep feature in our ads anymore…

2 thoughts on “Vintage Advertising of New Zealand

  1. The Vintage Ad browser is a great time waster, just found this ad (unrelated to tourism) but an amusing look at how times have changed, I’m pretty sure if a doctor advertised smoking Camel cigarettes now there would be significant law suits involved….

  2. We have uncovered a treasure trove of vintage NZ tourism posters over the past 2-3 years. Our company (New Zealand Fine Prints) has been finding and re-printing the best examples of work from early graphic designers working for the NZ Tourism and Publicity Department, Railways Publicity Studios etc. Classic ski-ing posters have been the most popular so far. You can check out the complete collection of vintage NZ tourism posters now available to buy as as re-prints here. Hope you find some more posters that you would like to share with your readers!

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