local government and tourismTo varying degrees local government around New Zealand are currently involved in tourism development and infrastructure, although for some regions you wouldn’t know it!

Some local councils own and manage i-SITEs, operate visitor websites, have tourism development employees and promote and manage events or festivals that attract visitors.

The rationale being that prosperous tourism and hospitality businesses pay rates and therefore provide ongoing revenue for councils with the potential for further development.  Win-win right?

However with ever increasing costs and debt levels borne by councils, there is currently debate over whether Local Government should stick to their “core services”, meaning infrastructure of services like water, sewerage, roading etc.

TIANZ beleives that ‘tourism is core activity for local govt“, so we’re interested to hear what you think – from both rate payers and those with vested interest in the tourism industry.

What activities related to tourism do you think local government should be involved with?

Should each council have the ability to determine their policy according to their regions needs rather than being guided by legislation? Let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Tourism and Local Government in New Zealand

  1. Increased visitors to an area provides extra revenues to many business retailers (not just tourism) so I think the economic benefits definitely outweigh the costs of district councils helping to fund tourism development and infrastructure.
    Leave the marketing to the RTO’s and local business associations though.

  2. It definitely is a yes for this question. i would agree with you Derek, the livelier the tourism is in a country, the better it is for its economy. The tax from tourism helps the government fund some projects so it is just proper that the government should help in this aspect. it is a sort of win-win situation.

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