Social Media for BusinessIt is easily understandable that many small to medium sized businesses are bamboozled with social media. Many of the articles are cathartic in nature, listing the ever growing number of social media sites and tools to use, not addressing the questions that these businesses need answering – how can they use these tools to drive business results.

Many articles and posts that attempt to be useful end up confusing businesses in respect of using social media marketing effectively. Typically, they list up to 50 sites that HAVE to be engaged with, offering no assistance as far as the methods to gain targeted followers that replicate the demographic and geographic dimensions of the businesses stipulated target market, or proven strategies that direct increased traffic to the business website, increase sales and create a loyal community of brand followers through a process of engagement. No wonder some people are confused.

The fact is that a business does not have to use 50, 30, 15, even 5 social media sites to drive business results. Based on the characteristics of the target market, and any dual goals of a social media marketing strategy such as search engine optimisation or employer branding, the business should identify 2 or 3 social media platforms that are well suited to these goals. It is much better to concentrate on several sites and use them well rather than spreading your efforts over a wide range of platforms that will not create any advantage, possibly damage your social media efforts as the increased workload over a variety of sites means the neglecting of current and potential customers that could be achieved through focusing the social media efforts.

If you are a small to medium sized business either considering the use of social media marketing, or experiencing levels of frustration that your current efforts are not creating the desired results, choose 2 platforms that fit well with the business model and customer base. Allocate 10, 15, 30 minutes a day to work on your social media marketing, or whatever time you can spare on a daily basis. Start dabbling with the software and the features, the more comfortable you become with the workings and functions of the software, the more confident you will become in utilising the tools. Think back and remember when you first learnt a Microsoft program, it wasn’t second nature and you probably had to become familiar with the software before a level of confidence ensued.

Above all, remember that social media is another channel or medium of communication, it does not outweigh or outdate traditional modes of marketing communication. The implementation of any social media marketing strategy is not a technology decision, where many can get caught up in the latest and greatest without ascertaining if it fits the business model. The use of any business tool, including social media must be a BUSINESS DECISION.

If you are having trouble starting in the social media world or are not achieving the desired business results from your efforts, give us a call or drop us a line. At Social Eyes Consultancy, we’re always happy to provide advice.

7 thoughts on “Demystifying and Simplifying Social Media for Business

  1. Absolutely agree with you Steve, keeping it simple is the best approach – businesses can achieve more with a focus on just a few social media platforms.

  2. Thanks for the comments Michelle. Perhaps it would be a good idea to follow up an article that addresses a few strategies, hints and tips to use several social media tools to drive business results

  3. Good comments Steve, have you read ‘All aTwitter’ by Tee Morris? Concise and clear information, certainly for beginners plus a section for business SM.

    1. No I havent …. yet. I plan to look it up and have a good read. Thanks for the tip

  4. Very true, Steve.

    Before selecting any particular tool I would recommend that people familiarise themselves with exactly what “social media” means. It is so easy to assume that we SHOULD know! Then, knowing this, asking themselves how they can best make use of it in their business.

    Rule 1: It is NOT a new way of selling – if you try to use it like that you will fail. It is an entirely new means of engaging with existing and potential customers, of building a relationship.

    Rule 2: It is TWO way. You will be able to engage with your customers and they will be able to engage with you.

    Rule 3: You cannot keep your business out of the social media! Even if YOU are not using it to talk about your business, others will be – and it might not be what you would wish to have said. So do get involved and have your say.

    I would suggest that people start off with Twitter and hone their skills there.

    There are also many great tools (and some not so good) to maximise exposure with minimal effort.

    I provide mentoring to many clients that gets them up and running and independent in a very short time. Complete novices can quickly excel – to the extent that I end up learning from them!


  5. Good post Steve, I agree people tend to overcomplicated this subject. One of the most important considerations is to apply some planning to the mix. Social Media makes sense if you understand it is about engagement and conversation. Too many times it is used as yet another method of selling and this can have a very negative impact for all concerned.

    1. Hi Craig

      Thanks for the comments. Hope all is going well


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