Facebook for Business Ultimate Guide eBookMarc Krisjanous of New Zealand Business Blogs has just released a Facebook for Business eBook which contains over 130 pages of hints/tips for using Facebook as a communication and branding tool for your business.

During the research phase it became very clear to Marc that most small businesses found Facebook a mix of confusing features and poor customer support. The classic mistake made by most small business was creating a business presence using a personal profile instead of the official Facebook Page.

This classic mistake not only risks you being banned from Facebook but also lacks the features you can use to promote your business. Another major mistake is trying to “sell” within Facebook. Direct selling in any social network is a no-no but for Facebook its doubly worse as most people understand Facebook to be a place for connecting with friends and family and having fun.

There is of course a move now from Facebook to welcome business with open arms (mainly due to the income they receive from Facebook ads which businesses use to promote themselves) but still the “community” feel is very much alive. The main reason he wrote the Facebook for Business eBook was to address the two classic mistakes but also help businesses reduce the effort and time within Facebook while at the same time increase their brand awareness and connect with their customers and prospects.

The eBook consists of 12 Chapters:

Chapter 1 – What is Social Media?

This chapter introduces the concepts of “social media” and expel the hype produced by “social media experts” to revel the real benefit’s to businesses.

Chapter 2 – Defining a Facebook Strategy

This chapter focuses on the most important task which is to define your overall strategy for using Facebook and other social networks. Just like building a house you must start with solid foundations.

Chapter 3 – Facebook – The Facts

This chapter provides some important facts and statistics about Facebook

Chapter 4 – Facebook Basics

In this chapter Marc covers the basics of Facebook including creating your personal Facebook profile. This chapter is a must for anyone who has no idea what Facebook is or has never been on Facebook.

Chapter 5 – Setting Up Your Facebook Page

This chapter covers the basics of creating your Facebook Page including an introduction to the “admin” section of your page and applying business branding to your Page.

Chapter 6 – Making Your Page Exciting

This chapter looks at sprucing up your “shop front” window so it looks attractive to your prospects and customers.

Chapter 7 – Advanced Topics for Editing Your Facebook Page

This chapter covers more advanced topics to add more features to your Page including adding an email newsletter subscription form to your Page.

Chapter 8 – Attracting Fans to Your Page for Free

This chapter looks the “no-cost” courses of action you can take to attract people to your Page.

Chapter 9 – Paid Options for Attracting Fans

This chapter looks at Facebook Ads and a third party application to help drive visitors to your Page.

Chapter 10 – Monitoring Your Page

In this chapter it looks at Facebook Insights to measure your Page statistics.

Chapter 11 – Case Studies

In this chapter Marc reviews existing Facebook Pages to see what works and what needs improvement.

Chapter 12 – Resources

This chapter provides some helpful resources including a couple of fantastic sites that you can subscribe to so you are always up-to-date with changes in Facebook.

The eBook took Marc 2 months to research and write, and is an easy to read resource in PDF format purely designed for helping small business. The feedback has been great so far, here’s a sample:

“Hi Marc, Just finished reading your e-book, Facebook For Business, and found it an excellent resource for a relative Facebook novice such as myself. As a business advisor to the owners of independent businesses in Auckland, I can see this book being of great use to me, both in helping my clients make better use of social media in their marketing activity and also for my own business development. It is hard to find the right level of help in better understanding social networking devices for business. Your e-book covered it off better than anything else I have seen recently. Well done.” Andy Burrows Icon Business Solutions Albany

“I thought I had taught myself a reasonable amount about Facebook Pages for businesses. However, not only did Marc’s e-Book on Facebook for Business clarify some points I was not sure about, but also helped me to extend that knowledge. I found the format not only helpful, but also clearly laid out and easy to understand. This is an excellent reference manual, and I would highly recommend it to any business looking at developing a Facebook page to extend the visibility of their business.” Dean Stewart, Christchurch

“A comprehensive guide for business owners who want an easy to follow, step by step guide to using Facebook for their business. Tells you everything you need to know to get started” Sandra Newton, Essentee Web Consulting

Click Here to Buy the Facebook for Business Ultimate Guide eBook

The price of the eBook is $47.00 USD which is considered cheap by many people who have read it. For example some web designers will charge you $100 – $200 USD just to setup a basic Facebook Page!

So if you want to DIY with Facebook for your business to gain the most out of what it can offer and bring clarity to your strategy then this is a great buy.

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