Do nothing, nothing will happen“If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Happen”.  I love this saying, never a truer word spoken, and can be applied to just about anything in life and business.

Tourism marketing is no exception and it’s something I often say to tourism businesses who are wondering about how to improve their bookings but want to do it without spending (investing) any more money into it – if they don’t bother then nothing will change, bookings won’t improve and they will still be wondering about it.

The trick is finding that something that will give you a good return on your investment. Here are some ideas to help you find that something:

  • Have a look around at some of your competitors that you respect and appear to be doing well – what do they do differently from you? Can you learn from them?
  • Find people to help you who do know what works through experience or because it’s their business to know and implement these things.
  • Never stop learning. There is a wealth of information online, go to workshops, conferences and study.  Arm yourself with skills to make changes and evolve your business.
  • You may already have some ideas and know what you are not doing, perhaps you feel you have barriers and restrictions but if you delve into it are these just excuses or are there real options you can take?
  • Have you fully explored all the different tourism distribution and sales channels available yet? Online, Wholesale, Retail, inbound tour operators, Information Centres, Tourism partners…
  • Look for support from tourism organisations – especially your local RTO. They will have a lot of resources and initiatives to help you get ahead.
  • When did you last do a marketing plan? Have you ever done one? It may well be all in your head but the process of putting it onto paper can solidify your ideas and help get you started.

Many of you are probably already entrepreneurial and prepared to put in the hard yards – that’s why you are in business. But there are always times when you can get too comfortable and the energy levels slacken.  Remember, it’s your business and your life so it’s up to you to make things happen – if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

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3 thoughts on “If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Happen

  1. If you aim at nothing you hit it every time.

  2. Interesting post and a variation on a story I tell my clients – you don’t always need to throw money at it to make an investment; your imagination, time and effort might be more effective. For example, I sent the list of finalists for the TIA awards around to my clients, with links to the finalist websites, and asked “what can you learn from them?”. Also, trying something new can re-energize you (don’t we all need that at this time of year!) and freshen your perspective.

  3. Great thoughts Catherine, and you’re right, investment can involve time rather than money and there are always cost effective creative solutions – it’s just a matter of researching it and going for it 🙂

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