Poll: Do You Support Qualmark?

qualmark new zealandWhen talking to tourism operators about Qualmark you’ll find that they either embrace it, or loath it.  Some will have a Qualmark status begrudgingly to help with their marketing efforts and others see it’s value as a way to make improvements to their tourism business with the endorsement of a national organisation.

With the new General Manager for Qualmark announced (see more about this on the Motella blog article), it’s timely to revisit what tourism operators around New Zealand think about Qualmark.

Let us know your thoughts by voting on the poll and leave a comment on the article for more detailed discussion. Your feedback will no doubt be appreciated by the new General Manager…

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4 thoughts on “Poll: Do You Support Qualmark?

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  2. I think Qualmark has lost its way.Rather than being focussed on the quality of the product(s) being delivered I consider there is an unhealthy preoccupation with systems,procedures,irrelevant record keeping and paper trails.Results in an inconsistency of assessment outcomes and in many instances of poor quality operations getting a good Qualmark “grading” because they may be good at producing paper!!

  3. I’m with John. Quality is very important, but Qualmark is not synonomous with quality and is a particularly blunt instrument as applied to the Activities sector. The $$ and effort required to sign up also means Qualmark discriminates against small operators. I’d be angry if a Qualmark listing ever became ‘mandatory’ – and such a move would be ridiculous as the mark would lose its value.

  4. I support Qualmark but I’d like to know more about this operation. I first heard about this only after I arrived in NZ in 2007. Like most certification programs, it could more transparency particularly on its own website. Travelers want to be able to contribute or see other travelers’ comments. This is why TripAdvisor has become such a success.

    What I have gleaned about TripAdvisor I have added to Planeta.com via our wiki.

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