Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use for Your Business?

Social Networking - It's working for Australian TourismWith a lot of advice thrown out there online on which social media tools to use for business, we thought we’d run a poll to find out what ones are actually being used.

Tick any that apply and feel free to leave a comment below the article for more detailed thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use for Your Business?

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  2. I’m an advocate of LinkedIn for networking, Twitter for networking and business marketing, Facebook for friends and family, but depends on your business and clientele.

    SMEs traditionally had trouble allocating resources and getting to audience tipping point where these Social Media Marketing tools become valuable. This should be less of a problem now.

  3. I would suggest Twitter, a Facebook Fan Page and a Blog. Linkedin can be useful for networking but more on a professional/executive level than at a business level and it is not suited to marketing.

    A Facebook Profile page is ideal for friends but NOT for business. This is where a Facebook Fanpage is required.

    Twitter is ideally suited to staying on touch with your followers on a daily basis by tweeting anything of interest that is happening in your business / industry or retweeting items that reflect your values that you think might be of value to your followers.

    A blog is ideally used as a form of newsletter that you can issue on a regular basis to inform your audience.

    All of this might seem daunting, but there are wonderful applications out there, such as Tweetdeck, that will help you minimise your effort and maximise your exposure.

    When properly set up – and it is easy to set them up – an entry made in one place can be automatically posted across all of your Social Media applications. For example, when i write a blog post, it is automatically Tweeted to all of my followers on Twitter and also posted to my Fan Page on Facebook.


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