Have You Looked At Your Website Lately?

Have a look at your websiteWith the vast majority of travel research being done on-line, your website is your window to the world. The day is not far off when reservations are 100% on line: not just from house-bound computers but also from mobile devices like cellphones, iPads, even in-car GPS navigators.

The better your website, the more traffic it will receive. And in a win-win deal, the more traffic to your site, ad the more clicks on your site, the higher it will rank in related searches. That’s a visibility advantage over your competitors that you cannot afford to ignore.

Have you looked at your website lately, from a customer point of view? How does it stack up?

Remember that when you come to sell your business in future, a professional and effective website  will be on of the most valuable assets you have to offer.

In our recent travels we have heard the rumbles of approaching spring and increasing traveller numbers. Operators are reporting strong forward bookings.  If that is not your situation, perhaps a good hard look at your website is required?

3 thoughts on “Have You Looked At Your Website Lately?

  1. Nice reminder Melissa – tourism businesses need to review their website and make any improvements now before they get too busy with the approaching high season.
    Fresh up to date and effective content, improved search engine optimisation, review of booking and website channels and maybe even a fresh design to provide that “wow factor”. A good spring cleanout can set you up for a more productive season 🙂

  2. Couldnt agree more Melissa. As an interactive web based company our web is how the world see us. Its important for us to catch peoples attention in the first instant.

  3. All of these comments are appropriate, the tourism industry the movement towards online booking and research before the traveller leaves home is notable.

    It is not always easy to see your website from others perspective and real support is not always easy to find. One book that really helps one consider what makes people click is “Neural Web Design” and easy and worthwhile read.

    Sell the sizzle and understand your websites value statement are key concepts. Small incremental improvement in website can make a world of difference.

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