RWC 2011 – A Year To Go, Have You Got A Plan?

Have you noticed that’s it’s less than a year to our Rugby World Cup in New Zealand? What have you done to get involved or make the most if it for your tourism business? If you’re not sure how, see this article or contact your local RTO.

View this video to help you get in the spirit…

One thought on “RWC 2011 – A Year To Go, Have You Got A Plan?

  1. Across the Pacific we are paying attention to the games and their impact on NZ culture and the tourism industry. From we will be particularly keen on seeing how the games integrate Maori tourism and how ‘green’ they are. During the 2010 World Cup I had the privilege of conducting several video interviews with actors in South Africa. If there’s interest, we should do the same in New Zealand.

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