10 Content Ideas for Your Tourism Business Facebook Page

Content Ideas for Tourism Business Facebook PagePromoting a new blank Facebook Page doesn’t really get people interested to “Like” your page – so before you start marketing it to your customers and friends add a nice variety of content to get it off to a good start.

10 Ideas for content:

  • Add Photo Albums – try not to put a lot of photos in just 1 album, create different topics to divide them up so it’s easier for people to view what they are interested in
  • Link to some of your latest online traveller reviews or media articles and comment about them
  • List some recent accomplishments or news e.g. awards, star rating, sustainability efforts, product development etc
  • Set up automated feeds with your other social media such as your Twitter account and Blog articles to create regular content
  • Offer a special package and provide a link to book it on your website
  • Create a Competition that will attract followers and encourage people to share your Facebook page with others
  • Add links to websites for some upcoming events or activities in your area – ideally you would write a blog article about it on your website so the traffic goes to your own site
  • Add a link to any relevant YouTube or online videos about your business or location – a link to a video on Facebook will embed the video on your wall so it can be easily viewed
  • Ask Your recent customers to post their own photos and comments on your wall about their experience with your business
  • Get your whole team involved in adding regular content to your Page – you can add as many “admin” people as you like for the page so make it easy and share the load

How to Get Followers for a New Facebook Page:

  • Start connecting with others on Facebook and then use the Facebook “Suggest to Friends” function for your page – ask them to suggest it to their friends too
  • Promote it prominently on your website and use the Facebook “social media plugins” to show current activity on your Facebook page and encourage Facebook users to follow you.
  • Email your customer database telling them about your new page with a link so they can follow it
  • Promote it from Twitter and any other social media sites you belong to
  • Once you have 25 followers for a page go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ to set a user friendly URL for your page e.g. http://www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname – this makes it easier and more memorable to promote verbally and in print.
  • Make it accessible to your customers while they are with you so they can follow it and add content during their experience.

Have you got any other suggestions that has worked for your Business page on Facebook?

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