15 Marketing Strategy Alternatives Every Tourism Business Should Know

Navigating Marketing StrategyDo you know the direction that your company is going in? I don’t mean down hill or nowhere. I mean do you know the final destination, where it is that you want to get to in one year, five years or ten years. If it’s all in your head and not written down then you may end up struggling with the effective marketing of your small tourism and hospitality business.

Consider this. Let’s say you have just arrived in a foreign country for vacation. You’ve rented a car and along with the car come either a road map or a navigation system. Getting from point A to point B will be relatively easy for you because you have the directions, where to turn, when to stop, when to go, and if you get lost you can get back on track with relative ease. Now, what would you do without the map or the GPS? You’d be pretty lost wouldn’t you?

That is why you need a marketing strategy. If point B is your destination, that is, your marketing objectives, then your strategy should outline the methods you will use in order to reach those objectives.

However, a marketing strategy can cover many different functional issues so, determining the best marketing strategy for your small tourism and hospitality business could require your consideration of some alternatives. Here are fifteen marketing strategy options you can consider.

    1. Local, Regional or National Marketing Strategies
    2. Seasonality Strategies
    3. Product Strategies
    4. Target Market Strategies
    5. Competitive Strategies
    6. Branding Strategies
    7. Pricing Strategies
    8. Packaging Strategies
    9. Promotion or Event Strategies
    10. Public Relations Strategies
    11. Social Media Marketing Strategies
    12. Advertising Strategies
    13. Sales Strategies
    14. Merchandising Strategies
    15. Web and E-commerce Strategies

Having a combination of these strategies is really what you are aiming for. If you can organize your companies marketing objectives under a selection of these strategies then you have a much better chance of staying focused and ensuring you arrive at your destination on track and on time.

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