Air New Zealand’s Latest Risque’ Videos…Mas Por favor!

View some of Air New Zealand’s new promotional videos for your entertainment…love them or find them offensive? Rico the puppet star of the videos also has a Facebook page – perhaps they are aiming to turn him into a cult personality?

7 thoughts on “Air New Zealand’s Latest Risque’ Videos…Mas Por favor!

  1. are these for real? I find them amusing, however, if some NZ’rs sense of humour, can’t cope with what Paul Henry said … this is ‘thin ice’ for Air NZ I would suggest!

  2. Love it! A little giggle to make your day a bit brighter. And even better it’s got everyone talking about Air New Zealand AGAIN.

  3. Totally offensive! Air New Zealand comes up with really fun and creative concepts but they need to be kept non-offensive. They can do much better than this. This is completely unnecessary and I would be embarrassed to have visitors see this!

  4. I think they have been done in a way that it is more amusing than offensive, and I think you’ll find much worse out there…take this episode from the 1970’s Rainbow Childrens TV Show in the UK for example – full of inappropriate innuendo – astounding how they got away with it…wouldn’t these days…

  5. NZ is getting more PC which is a shame – being a pomme I came here to get away from the ‘Nanny state’ and I find the straight talking refreshing – to be honest I found the ad missed an opportunity and could have been more creative (funnier) the innuendo however was very mild and not offensive in my opinion. the “Rainbow” show is a spoof & never aired – however if you look at the names of the characters in childrens 70’s TV show ‘Captain Pugwash, they pushed the boat out – pardon the pun

    1. Thanks Simon, good to know the Rainbow video wasn’t actually shown…we may have all had some weird childhood deeply hidden traumatic memories otherwise…
      …on Air NZ – I wouldn’t be surprised if more Rico videos eventuate. Some subtle things on the Rico Facebook page too, interesting photo of Rico riding a sheep!

  6. Im an Air NZ employee. Quite a groundswell of upset staff regarding this character. It really has caused friction within the company which is so unfortunate. Primarily a double standard regarding the companies policy with distributing innapropriate material.

    Many staff have been censured, hauled over the coals, even dismissed for sending emails, or just joking of the same nature. And now we find our own employer has decided its ok to do this out in public.

    While I enjoy bawdy humour, I believe there is a time and a place for it. This is not fitting for a company that promotes us on the world stage.

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