The latest campaign activity from Tourism New Zealand launched this month in Australia has evolved with a noticeable shift in focus to “100% Pure You” that offers viewers a more direct link to things they can experience while visiting New Zealand with a strategy to connect at the emotional level.

With 3 initial different TV commercials it’s clear that the brand is being moved away from the generic to the specific which Tourism New Zealand is hoping will spark action with travellers to increase tourism numbers.

I think this is a good move to both ride off the power of the 100% Pure brand but also offer a range of activities that people love about New Zealand.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The Evolution to 100% Pure You

  1. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem such a bold move, but with 100% Pure’s huge respect and recognition as a successful campaign, why would they change?

    Yet I’ve still heard murmurings of dissent.

    For me the change aligns extrmely well with their new direction targeting “active considerers”. So gets a tick from me, another well considered marketingidea from TNZ that should help NZs tourism industry and the wider economy .

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  3. Not so sure on this one, to me it is a bit confused, trying
    to wedge the specific visitor focus in amongst whats left of the
    100% Pure. I would have thought something more around 100% You
    would have been much clearer to the targeted visitors. The Pure
    visuals could still play their part and the subtext of Pure could
    fill the background, I just see it as a muddying of the

  4. Absolutely agree with leveraging off the 100% pure brand, and doubly agree with specific experiences. Except I would take it even further, and make the experiences more and more personal, next step….facilitate the ability for transformations. Go NZ tourism!

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