You have to love this TV ad developed by the “Inspired by Iceland” national tourism organisation. Their use of fun and humor to attract visitors after the volcanic eruptions in 2010 was definitely inspired.

When the time is right perhaps Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism or Tourism New Zealand should think about following a similar strategy, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Christchurch Should Be Inspired by Iceland…

  1. I love it, and it strikes me that this is exactly where TNZ said they were going with their campaigns – getting people into the gorgeous shots, and getting away from just bungy jumping. A campaign like this shows the best of the country, has a heap of fun with it and is more than a little inspiring. I’m sharing this on facebook right now.

  2. It’s very easy to imagine that same ad done in New Zealand and I think it would be great. Timing is everything with a message like this and I am sure TNZ & CCT will do something like this and there is nothing to stop individual operators doing it to. Perhaps some kind of coordinated approach through Social Media Channels might work? A name like “Get Back to New Zealand”, Get Back music by the Beatles and operators all over the country uploading media to the channel.

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