Poll: How Are Your Bookings Looking Over the RWC Period?

It’s close enough to the start of the much awaited RWC 2011 to find out how much of an impact it is actually having on forward bookings for tourism operators throughout New Zealand. So please add your vote here and feel free to comment to elaborate on your thoughts too…

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3 thoughts on “Poll: How Are Your Bookings Looking Over the RWC Period?

  1. It would be great to know how people are faring after the RWC.

  2. Yes, I think another poll afterwards would be interesting too

  3. The poll is pretty much reflecting the casual chats out there. I think the alleged 85,000 visitors coming for RWC are, for a large portion just replacing the regular visitors we may have got during that period anyway. I do know of UK and Australian wholesalers whose own comments are ‘we are telling visitors to avoid if they can because of pricing and availability’ and also one comment was ‘the RWC has stuffed our NZ business for this year’. We have around the same amount of business as last year for those periods but it was a lot harder to get – avoiding properties who had unrealistic prices and terms (10 night minimum stays etc!). Of course we now realise that those properties didn’t sell all those rooms at the rates they asked and terms they wanted as they are now dumping the space which can only mean one thing – they rad the market wrong? correct me if I’m not interpreting that correctly.The problem now is that its too late to claw back that traditional market for Sep and Oct as they tend to plan and commit much further ahead than 2 months to visit NZ. I’m really looking forward to the RWC from a personal perspective but I suspect the only immediate real big financial winners will be the bars in the big cities, the ‘hospitality companies’ and a few hotels who kept sensible terms and pricing (ie 3 night minimums and sensible surcharges during game time only). Of course the flow on effect of lots of exposure is difficult to measure but will be beneficial in the big picture, providing its positive of course and Australia don’t win and we deport them all immediately – that would be bad for our image! Would be good to actually hear from a company who has benefited greatly and how they did it just in case we can all learn more how to maximize this sort of event. Also would be great if the NZRFU could tell us who bought the tickets so far. I’m sure they know the numbers such as 45% Australia, 25% Kiwi, 12% UK etc. Its difficult shooting in the dark but perhaps you need to be an official supplier to gain those details?. Lets just hope NZ wins eh?

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