This week our friends at Positively Wellington Tourism have managed to grab the headlines here and across the Tasman with the launch of their pop-up restaurant in the Aussie capital of food culture – Melbourne. In what must have been a colossal effort by all involved, a number of the coolest little capital’s chef’s served up Kiwi delights including 110kg of smoked salmon, 38kg of lamb & 12kg of Marlborough scallops!

If like me, you’re a Twitter addict, you’ll probably not have missed the amazing moments that guests started to tweet live from the event when Air New Zealand gifted each and every one of them a return ticket to Wellington! For those of you that haven’t seen it, check the Air New Zealand video out here:

For more information about the campaign, check out the WellingtonNZ page.

Watching this video reminded my of other cool tourism case study videos I’ve seen recently. Here are a few that I think can provide some ideas & inspiration- enjoy!

If you know of any others be sure to post them here in the comments!

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