Evaluating the World Rugby Cup 2011: Report from Auckland

Auckland – It’s too soon to tell about the lasting legacies of the World Rugby Cup, but the Auckland Council has published its Rugby World Cup Evaluation Report.

Key quote
“Interim results show that while interest amongst Auckland businesses in RWC 2011 was extremely high at 87.4 per cent, fewer than a quarter of businesses felt a sense of involvement in the events. A survey of 500 businesses in December 2010 found 83 per cent believed RWC 2011 would have a positive impact on their business. Over half of the respondents thought they were well prepared. Yet post-event data shows only a small proportion (8.9%) of Auckland businesses believed RWC 2011 had benefited them.”

My personal observation – developed across the Pacific – is that the games offered little in terms of generating awareness about local tourism offerings. Mind you, the pageantry and sport were fantastic, but what did we learn about New Zealand? That locals in Auckland perceived such little benefit should serve as a wake-up call to locals and leaders alike.

Were the expectations wildly out of reach or is there still time to deliver?

Read the news release about the Auckland report here


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