Websites are (or should I say, can be) an amazing source of information for your potential and existing customers.

In the past few weeks I have been trawling the web to find attraction and restaurant opening hours over the festive period. I’ve been surprised at the number of businesses that have no information about their opening hours or offerings over the Christmas season present online.

Here in Dunedin for instance, we have two cruise-ships in port on Christmas Day prompting many of our tourism operators to open their doors, yet many have not listed this information on there website. Not only are these operators potentially losing out on the business of the cruise-ship passengers they are opening for, but may also be losing out on the patronage of other tourists or even locals like us, who would be keen to get out of the house for a few hours.

As a rule of thumb, as you get close to a public holiday or special event, be sure to update your website to include all the relevant information. I would suggest to do this in a prominent place on your site and perhaps in a little more detail within a blog post. As well as being a resource for those looking for it, it is likely to optimise your website and drive those searching for these special events to you.

Be sure not to just think about your own website, if you have listings on other prominent sites, it can only help by adding this information to these too!

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