Holiday Home Rentals…An Owners Concern

The holiday house short term accommodation market is continuing to grow, and with this growth comes associated tenancy problems on a larger scale than ever before.

Most problems are relative to property management and issues arising from essentially what is a lack of professional property management policy and/or implemented house rules that set the standard of conduct relative to that property. I respect a lot of holiday home owners don’t want to be property managers but ultimately find themselves as owners of the property having to deal with and resolve short term tenancy issues.

As an owner of several holiday homes i don’t get involved in property management issues anymore and that’s because as i have a property manager in each region with a specific set of house rules to hand out to each person upon check in, these are also laminated on the wall in each significant entertaining area to ensure even visiting guests cannot escape from reading them.

Click here for an unedited version of my house rules that have proven to work! I suggest any home owners looking for inspiration about what needs to be written and included in their house rules reads the PDF.

One thought on “Holiday Home Rentals…An Owners Concern

  1. I am looking to launch a new site within the next week which offers the ability for holiday home owners to create an account and promote their vacant home for rent.
    Pricing and availability can also be managed online which is ideal for having it listed over the summer or just the weekends.
    I know that a lot of people currently advertise in various publications and keys are picked up from the local shop etc.
    I completely understand your list of rules and will play a big part in the success of ‘newbys’ looking to advertise their property.
    I may even put a link to your .pdf as a reference if you dont mind?


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