Responsible Tourism Week is an online unconference exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourismconscious travellocal travel and ecotourism with practical and inexpensive social media. Everyone’s invited.

2012 is the fourth year for Responsible Tourism Week and we expect the conversations to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation and’s 12th year of online conferencing.

Join us! Responsible tourism is free and with Responsible Tourism Week, there’s no jet lag! It’s a great opportunity to learn about new initiatives and it’s an even better venue for networking — collaborating with old friends and colleagues and making new contacts.

Simply put, this online unconference is an excellent way to broaden and deepen our dialogue about sustainable practice and tourism. Responsible Tourism Week encourages participants to articulate their core values and the way they put noble ideas into practice. We spotlight living, breathing examples of responsible tourism. Here is an opportunity to introduce new events, tours and research projects as well as an avenue to summarize the outcomes from recent events. Yes, it’s a high-tech, but we also promote lo-fi media, including the foamboard and social events including carrotmobs, green drinks and photo safaris.

One of the key objectives of Responsible Tourism Week is to create incentives for continuity. We would really like to hear summaries from recent tourism conferences and previews of upcoming events that touch upon the core values of responsible tourism. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!

You can start the preparations now by documenting the stories you’d like to share and by registering on the social media channels you’d like to master in 2012. Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people’s work that you respect.

We will highlight the most interesting tweets on Twitter, photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube and recommended blogs and wikis. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates!  Your comments, questions, retweets and likes are most appreciated.

Kind regards, Ron Mader

2 thoughts on “Preview: Responsible Tourism Week 2012

  1. I’ll be joining you! Ps: I’m tweeting your event 4 times prior to event! @gemwebb You should add the HASHTAG #rtweek2012 info to this post so people don’t have to go through the slideshare to find it. It’s all about making it easy! See yah Feb 14-18 JOIN US!

  2. Many thanks, Gem

    Our challenge in Responsible Tourism Week 2012 is to simplify the use of social media and amplify the voices of the participants. The twitter hashtag suggestion is a great way to aggregate the tweets.

    In one way this unconference will strengthen national campaigns by showing the breadth and depth of regional services. Equally important will be the opportunities to learn from the rest of the world. Artisans share commonalities with artisans, museum guides with museum guides and indigenous tourism operations with … you get the picture.

    Responsible Tourism Week begins in one month and the wiki page — — has been viewed nearly 2,000 times. Information about the unconference appears on websites and blogs from New Zealand, England, the United States, Mexico and South Africa. We have never had this much buzz generated prior to the event and we look forward to your engaged participation. Bonus points for those who create on the ground parallel events such as carrotmobs, photo safaris and green drink cocktail hours. Have fun!

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