Before I continue I should explain that I have already been damned for even considering travelling Jetstar by friends on Twitter. I should say, unfortunately due to a last minute booking, I was unable to fly with my usual choice of Air NZ due to lack of availability.

Don’t worry, this blog is not just an opportunity for me to complain publicly, it is however my opportunity to share how Jetstar could have used social media and their online procedures to soften the blow – instead they have further infuriated me.

As not to waste time on a rant about Jetstar’s bad service or appalling reputation, for your sake, it would be fair to say that with a diverted flight and unhelpful staff – my experience wasn’t the best.

For those of you that know me, you’ll not be surprised that I shared this experience on Twitter whilst on the plane at the diverted airport. I mentioned Jetstar and this was the perfect opportunity for them to reach out to me and take note of my annoyance. And guess what, they did. Sure it wasn’t instant, in fact it was the day after, but interestingly they had come back and apologised.

‘So what’s he complaining about,’ I hear you say. Well, unfortunately whoever answered my tweet obviously didn’t read it carefully, as the reply was completely out of context. Perhaps the poor social media coordinator is so used to reading complaints on Twitter that they just went into autopilot. Not a good look.

I had forgotten all about my experience and the random tweet, however a few minutes ago I received the ‘Jetstar Customer Satisfaction Survey.’

I hear you say, ‘well that’s good isn’t it!’ Well it should be, but again an epic fail. I am an iPad user you see. In fact, I booked my flights on my iPad. But imagine my surprise when I opened the email inviting me to share my experience with an opportunity to win $500.00 to find that I cannot complete the survey on an iPad. Yes, the survey runs flash. An oversight on Jetstar’s part perhaps? Unfortunately not. They know that iPhone and iPad users can’t access the survey and they kindly tell you in the email;

‘Please make sure you have the latest Java and Flash installed on your computer before starting the survey and please note that this software may not be compatible on some mobile devices.’

As much as I really don’t agree with Apple’s stance against flash, for a major airline to continue using a survey software that is not accessible by a significant percentage of mobile devices is ludicrous.

In conclusion if you are going to ask for feedback or encourage people to interact with you on social media, its really important that you make sure your business and mechanisms are set-up to deal with it. If not this last interaction with your business can undermine all the hard work you’ve put in all the way through.

P.S. If someone from Jetstar reads this, because I’ve shared my experience do I still go in to win the $500? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Triple Fail from Jetstar

  1. I have had a similar experience with Jetstar and have been unable to even contact “Customer Service” for over a year, re- a luggage over charging issue.
    It is almost impossible to contact a real person who is able to action concerns.
    We were treated more than badly and as a potential partner to list on Jetstar’s site feel more than a little gun shy to work with them. Thanks for sharing your information with us. Cheers Carl

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Carl. To Jetstar’s credit, they have seen this article and come back via social media apologising for their mistakes and sending me another way of giving feedback. Although, I will still avoid flying with them in the future.

  3. Small wonder Jetstar have trouble communicating intelligently and appropriately with their customers as it seems they are technologically challenged when communicating within their organisation too.
    My daughter will spend tonight somewhere in Townsville due to the cancellation of JQ907 because the pilot had reached the limit of his hours. The flight was supposed to depart at 8:10pm, then it was ‘delayed’ and then she phoned home to advise us of the cancellation. So we rang Jetstar to see how the company would handle the situation. The first call elicited the response that the flight was just delayed and would be boarding at 10:10pm. I checked with my daughter and she was now waiting for her bags to come OUT of the carousel. The second call to Jetstar was even more unhelpful. They couldn’t really give any advice because they hadn’t got an EMAIL to tell them that there was a problem nearly 1/2 hr after the passengers got the bad news.
    Web 2.0 and Mobile could be really scary for Jetstar as in some ways they are still back at Web 0.1

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