Case Study: Tourism Businesses Improving their Community

This case study highlights that a combination of small town community spirit and proactive tourism businesses is the perfect mix of ingredients to create something special to impress visitors.

[box]An amazing transformation of possibly NZ’s worst public toilets into a funky dunnie block has taken place in Paihia, Bay of Islands…[/box]
Paihia’s Maiki Hill Toilets BEFORE the renovation

Many visitors to Paihia probably avoided the public toilet block at the base of Maiki Hill beside the Salt Air heli pad in central Paihia…but a recent inspiring community project driven by Focus Paihia and their “Paihia Phantom Placemaker Projects” (made up in large part by local tourism business owners) has transformed this drab, cold and simply awful toilet block into a funky work of art, all within 10 days.

…and AFTER the renovation

With the help of David Engwicht from Creative Communities in Australia and a bunch of local tradesmen and businesses volunteering their time, it is now something to be proud of rather than embarrassed.

We’d even go so far as to say this could be a tourist attraction, since it’s completion people stop and have a look, take photos and actually use them.

Just goes to show with a bit of inspiration, community spirit and hard work you can transform ageing town eyesores into something special to impress tourists.

Check out the time lapse video to see how it was transformed over 10 days.

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  1. Great story .. well done everyone 🙂

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