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There’s currently a very active discussion posted by Carl Muir about the costs and issues faced by adventure tourism operators for the new Work Safe safety audit and registration process. Given the interest and comments made on the LinkedIn Group we thought it would be of benefit to also post this on our blog for broader distribution and comment.

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Work Safe/Adventure Support – Outrageous Costs?

So what does everyone in the industry think about the Work Safe/Adventure review programme?

My opinion….While on the surface, ensuring everyone in the industry is compliant and safe is fantastic, once again it is the small grass roots operator who keep the local tourism communities going who will suffer. Most of these operators already have safety manuals and good practices.

Auditors are quoting $4,500 for an audit on the Coromandel. Yes there is a $1,000 rebate, but that still leaves $3,500 to front up with. The bigger players are biting the bullet and in their words “not happy with it but a necessary hoop they have to jump through.” Many smaller players are considering shutting up shop.

Tourism businesses generally already spend a lot of money ticking boxes (council permits, DOC fees, Qualmark etc) and then most spend a lot of money marketing to draw people into the region. The restaurants, petrol stations, chemists and downstream businesses that benefit often spend nothing promoting the region.

Once again in my mind, it is the good operators who are going to be stung by the system once again, while the wider community benefits.

Surely TIANZ could have come up with a more cost effective way for operators to be audited and accredited? $4,500 for an audit….outrageous!!

Whats your thoughts?


For further reference and information you can listen to this recording of the WorkSafe NZ, Tourism New Zealand and Tourism Industry Association webinar hosted by RTONZ, which helps explain the criteria around the Adventure Activities Regulations.

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