What’s Next for the Hotel Industry?

According to the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand, tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest export industries. It contributes to more than 17% of New Zealand’s foreign exchange earnings. The total tourism expenditure as a whole reached almost $30 billion NZ dollars in the year ending March 2015.

One of the key areas within the tourism sector is hotel accommodation and what is happening in the greater international hotel industry. Did you know for example that by the end of 2016, the revenue for the worldwide hotel accommodation industry is predicted to be $550 billion US dollars?

For more insights into the hotel business, marketing and technology trends set to dominate 2016; have a look at this infographic on the topic ‘The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016’ which has been created by Ard na Sidhe Country House in Ireland.

hotel industry infographic 2016

One thought on “What’s Next for the Hotel Industry?

  1. Tourism is an important part of any country’s revenue and focusing on the trends in the hotel industry can effect directly to the revenues. Social media playing a significant role. Also managing your property through a web based system such as an online hotel reservation system will help improve efficiency and enhancing the workforce.

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