In this episode, I go rogue.  Instead of talking marketing tips and ideas, I discuss the recent STAPP funding announcements and the lack of support for inbound operators.

The inbound operators are the  trail blazers of our industry -they are often the first ones in market, and well before Tourism NZ – building networks and relationships and demand for holidays to New Zealand.  We’ve seen it happen in South America, Russia, the Middle East and India to name a few – it was the inbound operators who were there first.  They are the ones to introduce us, the activity and service providers to the new international markets and facilitate business between us.   We simply cannot thrive as an industry without them and we need them to survive.

One thought on “Podcast: Going Rogue

  1. My guess is that with public money being used for these grants the government have wanted to allocate funds to the visible businesses out in our communities. Despite being an integral link and large employers within our industry inbound operators just aren’t visible to the public nor to politicians. Perhaps it was perceived as a political risk to provide grants to them??

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