Podcast: Trends I’ve noticed about the domestic market

Hopefully by now you’ve all had plenty of domestic visitors through your doors.  I’ve been really fortunate to be working with some amazing operators right around the country who have been busy refocusing their efforts on the domestic market and in this episode I discuss a few trends I’ve started noticing.   I’d be really interested to hear from you as to what you’re seeing in your business too after this episode.

The one thing to remember through all of this is that all the work you do now in the domestic space isn’t just helping you through these times with the borders closed – it also sets you up for the future – where you can have a diversified customer base and not be reliant on one market.  And if you can convince the team of 5 million to love you now, think how powerful that is when the international visitors arrive and ask for advice on where to go and what to do!

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