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Sniffing out the bad guys and staying safe online

Daniel Bridges from Trade Me provides some useful discussion on internet safety including how Trade Me deals with it and links to information on how you can manage your own online security.

Forgotten Toothpaste and World Cup Rates

Will money be left on the table with World Cup accommodation next year? There’s a decent storm brewing over room rates in Sep/Oct 2011 with many fearing over-inflated room rates will dent New Zealand’s reputation and will make tourists feel as though they have had their wallets emptied at gunpoint.

On-request Bookings and the Waiting Game

Daniel Bridges outlines the frustrations for travellers and travel resellers when accommodation operators don’t effectively manage online bookings that use an on-request system.

Some Bouquets for Great Service

Something a little different – Previous posts have focused on some things that accommodation providers need to be doing better; today I’d like to highlight three great experiences I had last week.

Accurate online listings: a Valentine’s Day plea

Price is one factor in a traveller’s decision-making process, but there are many more and sometimes they are not what you’d think.

Price Parity Across OTAs – Why It Matters

One of the popular phrases in the online travel space lately has been “price parity”, an idea pushed by the OTAs (online travel agencies) and expected of the supplier. Some suggestions on why and how to maintain the same prices with OTAs.