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The Aftermath for Tourism Businesses in Christchurch

Melissa Teesdale considers the impact on tourism businesses and the industry from the Christchurch Earthquake

Have You Looked At Your Website Lately?

Some timely spring advice from Melissa Teesdale for tourism operators to review how their website is looking from a customer point of view.

Inspiring Maori Tourism Entrepreneurs – Rafting New Zealand

Melissa Teesdale provides an introduction and business tips from Rafting New Zealand, inspiring Maori Entrepreneurs in our community.

Tourism Real Estate Update – July 2010

Selling Tourism Properties

Selling your Tourism Business? Read some useful advice from Melissa Teesdale from Tourism Properties on selling tourism real estate in the current market.

Selling Tourism Properties: Lessons from the Summer

As promised, it has been a very busy summer season. There are real buyers out there, but they are being very selective about what they inspect. So what are the lessons from the summer for sellers of tourism properties?