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Would you engage in a conference “online” rather than attending?

Tourism trade conferences this month include TRENZ (May 7-10 in New Zealand) and Indaba (May 12-15 in South Africa). It will be interesting to see how these events compare in regards to live-streaming video and tweeting.

Free WIFI Still the Biggest Must have recently released the results of their 2012 Hotel Amenities Survey. You can see the highlights on this post by James Hacon

Highlighting Top Users of Tourism Social Media – Part Two

James Hacon provides a review of some top users of social media in the New Zealand tourism industry. This post highlights how Beechtree Motel in Taupo has tackled the issue of engaging content for their Facebook presence.

Triple Fail from Jetstar

James Hacon shares his recent poor experience with Jetstar highlighting how they could of, but didn’t, use social media effectively to helo remedy his complaint

Holiday Home Rentals…An Owners Concern

The holiday house short term accommodation market is continuing to grow, and with this growth comes associated tenancy problems on a larger scale than ever before.

WIFI Can Be The Maker or Breaker

James Hacon provides a pretty convincing list of reasons why as a tourism business you should offer free WIFI access for customers…

Jasons New iPhone App

James Hacon reviews the newly released Jasons iPhone app providing some relevant thoughts for tourism businesses and advertisers with Jasons.

What’s in store for next year? Tourism predictions for 2012…

What’s going to happen in 2012? They’ve been saying it was the year of mobile for a decade; social media is well and truly entrenched, so what’s new? Fossick’s Genevieve Atkinson decided to ask a few movers and shakers what they predict for the coming year.

Inspirational Case Studies on Video

Some interesting tourism case study videos recommended by James Hacon

Summary of the eTourism Summit 2011 – Part 2 (Mobile)

Part 2 of the 2011 eTourism Summit summaries by James Hacon, with this article focused on mobile technology.