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What Do Ecotourists Expect Out of a Tourism Product?

An article based on anecdotal evidence of 12 years in the ecotourism industry as a guide with some useful points to consider about what Ecotourists want from tourism products.

Making consumers more comfortable with booking accommodation online

Industry statistics indicate online credit card use in New Zealand as a percentage is a little more than half that of Australia. What can be done to put consumers minds at ease with using the internet to book?

What Tourism Websites Perform the Best For You?

I’m interested to hear from New Zealand tourism operators as to what tourism websites bring them the most traffic and booking enquiries and why. Is there a website that you would absolutely always maintain a listing on (free or not)?

Accurate online listings: a Valentine’s Day plea

Price is one factor in a traveller’s decision-making process, but there are many more and sometimes they are not what you’d think.

Travel Agents: Short Term Gain vs Long Term Reputation

Reading this article “What travel agents don’t want you to know” is an interesting insight (to say the least!) from Kate Schneider into the travel agency practices of our Australian colleagues.

Is the Recession For Tourism Over?

With some positive visitor arrival statistics published for December 2009 does this mean the recession for tourism to is over? Some mixed results in the regions make this questionable, what do you think?

Nominate an Unsung Hero for Wanderlust Guide Awards

Top independent UK travel magazine Wanderlust is looking for the world’s best guides and tour leaders. There are only a few days left to nominate New Zealand’s top tour guides for the awards. Nominations close Thursday 25 February.

Price Parity Across OTAs – Why It Matters

One of the popular phrases in the online travel space lately has been “price parity”, an idea pushed by the OTAs (online travel agencies) and expected of the supplier. Some suggestions on why and how to maintain the same prices with OTAs.

Diversification – The Key To Survival

Most tourism businesses will be equally reliant upon both domestic and international visitors for their survival. International visitors deliver a greater daily spend, and have a much better potential for growth, yet domestic visitors are the bread and butter of NZ tourism.

Imagery – the WOW factor

The old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ is very true when it comes to tourism. It never ceases to amaze me how some businesses make enormous efforts to promote themselves online, advertising in guide books, engaging in PR activities and such like, and yet when it comes to the pictures they use to […]