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What Travellers Really want to Discover in New Zealand

After being both a tour guide, managing a Tour Company and spending a year being a traveller myself I have a pretty good understanding of what makes the difference between a good trip and a great trip to a country.

Pillow Talk

For me one of the measures of a good hotel, motel, B & B or any accommodation provider is the quality of their pillows.

Accommodation: How to Maximise Your Online Bookings

There are multiple websites in the New Zealand, Australian and international markets that can promote and instantly sell your accommodation for you. The trick for many properties is deciding which ones to go on and then how to manage them all so you don’t spend all day updating them and avoid double bookings.

ITOC Conference 2010

The Inbound Tour Operators Council annual conference for 2010 will be held in Blenheim at the Marlborough Convention Centre from 17-18 August.

Online Bookings Growing for NZ Tourism Operators

Research by the Ministry of Tourism shows that a growing number of kiwi travellers are actively using the internet as a key medium for booking their accommodation and activities in New Zealand.