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WIFI Can Be The Maker or Breaker

James Hacon provides a pretty convincing list of reasons why as a tourism business you should offer free WIFI access for customers…

Accurate online listings: a Valentine’s Day plea

Price is one factor in a traveller’s decision-making process, but there are many more and sometimes they are not what you’d think.

Travel Agents: Short Term Gain vs Long Term Reputation

Reading this article “What travel agents don’t want you to know” is an interesting insight (to say the least!) from Kate Schneider into the travel agency practices of our Australian colleagues.

Price Parity Across OTAs – Why It Matters

One of the popular phrases in the online travel space lately has been “price parity”, an idea pushed by the OTAs (online travel agencies) and expected of the supplier. Some suggestions on why and how to maintain the same prices with OTAs.