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Articles about the Internet, Technology and Software for New Zealand Tourism

Topical Tourism Webinars

We are currently developing a series of tourism webinars as a joint venture between Kiwi Dreams and the Tourism Industry Blog.

Sniffing out the bad guys and staying safe online

Daniel Bridges from Trade Me provides some useful discussion on internet safety including how Trade Me deals with it and links to information on how you can manage your own online security.

Tourism Webcams in Action

Webcams have become a great way to promote destinations throughout New Zealand and so are serving as an invaluable tool for travellers, tourism operators and RTO’s.

How much does Facebook cost your business?

In the past few years social media has revolutionised the way we socialise and communicate. James Hacon explores what it may cost a business whose employees have access to social networking during work hours.

Review Sites: Help or Hindrance?

As an experienced Hotelier, James Hacon provides some useful tips on managing online travel reviews.

Online Networking is Vital

James Hacon offers some useful insights and experience on how you can use online networking for your professional and business relationships

10 Content Ideas for Your Tourism Business Facebook Page

Starting at a new blank Facebook Page doesn’t really get people interested to “Like” your page – so before you start promoting it to your customers and friends add a nice variety of content to get it off to a good start.

Have You Looked At Your Website Lately?

Some timely spring advice from Melissa Teesdale for tourism operators to review how their website is looking from a customer point of view.

Should You Pay to List on Websites?

Time and time again businesses get emailed with some sort of offer to list on a website to promote their themselves with promises of better search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

Online Bookings: Implementing an Effective Strategy

Many accommodation providers believe they need to spend significant time and money on establishing an effective online strategy. FALSE.